Static shadow projection

Projection for Made in Roath 2012 part of ‘Naked Lunch and a Chip Dinner’ @ ‘down the alley’ outside Milgis Northcote Lane Warehouse. Opening Friday 12th October 8pm


Some photos from ‘Wet beads on the line: in progress’ in Queens Arcade, Cardiff. ¬†ArcadeCardiff is an empty shop project in Cardiff City Centre. There were 59 visitors, including drop ins – man… Continue reading

Blowing bags

Film still

Fan bag

With it’s elegant neck tilted back and bellowing bag like a full cheeked speech bubble trumpeting, this fan it has so much to say…

We are the things that we make

I love how we (people) ARE the functional, everyday things that we make. A humanity which we, as the designers of those objects, firmly press into their making, their souls, their soles, without… Continue reading

Bike dynamo fan bags

I’ve been thinking about extreme weather, how to show my work without power, in Wales we have to bring our own bags to put shopping in or be charged 5p. Liking the dynamic… Continue reading

Crossed lines

Crossed lines from Popbang on Vimeo. Wind makes the telephone lines rub shoulders,whilst conversations, both intimate and mundane take place inside the wire.


I have this fancy new camera, but seem to have slipped into lo-tech. ¬† I think it started with the rain, the grey days, wet beads running down the telephone lines outside my… Continue reading

Hair line

The nest unravels and climbs up a telegraph pole (stop start animation still).

Fan bags