The project:

This project aims to draw a series of mini visual sketches, inspired by the humanity of the inanimate, the beauty of the incidental and a little fleshy wonder.  The sketches are captured on film and will eventually be sewn carefully together to form an elegant and though provoking dance between screens.

“A ribcage rising and falling, twitching lips, asynchronous events, flapping air vents, nervous fingernails tapping, the wet chewing of hair.”

As the project has progressed several themes have started to form, these include ‘byproducts’ ‘the discarded’ and ‘the overlooked’. ‘Object muses’, ‘objects of interest’ to focus on include ‘plastic bags’, ‘hair’, ‘overhead telephone lines’. Like many love stories there is an immediate aesthetic attraction or fascination, followed by questions and musings including those around story, purpose, usage, impact and future.

In particular the films explore the function of a selection of everyday overlooked objects, this is done by slowing down, focusing in on, engaging with and limiting their function.  The films are accompanied by a series of maquettes and kinetic sculptures which further aid these investigations.

The artist:

Johana is an interdisciplinary artist based in Cardiff, working predominantly with video. Johana has a background in sculpture and a form-led approach to the making of video. Johana’s films are visual narratives that feed from emotive responses to environmental quirks in urban and rural environments, sensuality, obsessional patterns, anthropomorphism and humour.

In 2001 she achieved a first class degree from UWIC, Cardiff and has since gone on to show video art works at venues including Chapter Arts Centre, Coed Hills Rural Arts Space, Oriel Canfas, The Kif, Liverpool, a number of online spaces and won entry into the VideoDictionary collection.

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This four month project will take place between June and September 2012 and is partially funded by the Arts Council of Wales.

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