Childs play

  The state of being an artist and the state of being a toddler both involve a fair amount of obsessive practice. I can totally relate to most of my sons obsessions and… Continue reading

Playing with rope

Rope play 1 from Popbang on Vimeo.

More blustery gustery

This is a sketch which shows the ‘Sci Fi bag slugs’ footage (middle monitor) sandwiched between footage of the back end of the car.  The exhausts are being blown through to “blow up”… Continue reading

Shutter flutter

Shutter flutter from Popbang on Vimeo.

Little surfing beads

The magic of watching the elements play, on man made objects, on the every day. Invisible wet beads gathering speed, then merging, surfing, falling, sprawling.

Tap and flap

Fingers and fans from Popbang on Vimeo.

In the beginning…